From Thursday, June 3 2021 at 07:00 pm until Monday, July 5 2021 at 01:00 am

Announcing the scheduled vaccination date for 1st Dose Vaccinees on July 5, 2021 8am to 2pm at SM BF Paranaque.  You may click on the service links to request for assistance or additional information. 

1. Go to https://paranaquevip.ph/registration and complete the registration form. 
Don't forget to click on the priority group in order to get prioritized for vaccination. Identify the priority group you belong to: A1 (Health Workers), A2 (Senior Citizens) and A3 (Adult with Comorbidity).
2. Upon completion of the registration, click the SIGN UP button and wait for the Welcome Page.
3. You shall receive a SMS confirmation of your successful registration to Paranaque Vaccine Immunization Program (VIP) and an email confirmation with your Vaccinee ID within the day.
Note: If you have not received SMS or email confirmation within an hour after your registration, you may use our VIP Chat Support facility and request for your Vaccinee ID.  
Cases like this usually happens when a new registrant makes more than one registration. When this happens, the system requires technical support validation and flags your account for multiple or duplicate account creation. Rest assured you shall be receiving confirmation when VIP registration team conducts daily review of new registrations and activates 1 of your account records.
4. Once successful registration is completed, your record shall be validated and queued in the registry based on your priority grouping.  
For Priority Group A2 (Senior Citizens) upon completion of the registration, you may immediately access the VIP Service Team page and click on the Priority Assistance Service for Seniors (PASS) section to request for quick scheduling of senior citizens thru the chat support facility. This online priority lane for senior citizens commits to a full round engagement service which includes vaccinee ID verification, vaccine scheduling request and confirmation of vaccination schedule, all these facilitated and provided to senior citizens within the 24hours engagement period.
For Priority Group A3 (Adult with Comorbidity), you may upload and submit in advance copy of your medical requirements thru the Doc Saver Service. Early validation of your requirements by our authorized health workers will ensure you get prioritized for scheduling.
6. Once submission is completed, coordinate with your designated VIP Service Team thru chat support to check the status of your vaccination request. Once you are tagged as validated, you shall be included in the announcement board for scheduling. You may now use the VIP Scheduler service and choose your preferred vaccination date.
7. You may also check the masterlist of scheduled vaccinees posted for every vaccination date if you have been included by your barangay coordinator in the scheduled vaccinee list.
8. Wait for SMS notification of your vaccination schedule and confirm by replying YES_Name. 
For the safety of  Paranaque vaccinees and to comply with health protocols, we do not allow 'walk-ins" in any of the designated vaccination sites. So please refrain from going to the vaccination site if you have not received any advise or SMS notification of your schedule.
SMS notification usually contains the following information: Your Name, Scheduled Date, Slot Number, Timeslot, and assigned Vaccination Site. Present the SMS notification to the personnel assigned in the vaccination site for appointment verification.
9. After receiving your vaccine, you shall be given a VIP Passbook which contains the sticker of the vial given to you and other details written on the card such as 1st dose and your date for the next dose of vaccination.
6. Kindly wait for the next SMS notification informing you of the scheduled date for your second dose. On your scheduled date, present the SMS and the VIP Passbook for recording of your second dose vaccination.
Important: Make sure to include your mobile phone and email when answering the registration form. Your contact details shall be used for SMS confirmation of your successful registration. At the same time, you shall be notified thru SMS notification of your scheduled vaccination date, time and slot number.